Napa Valley Outing | Regal Meetings & Events
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Napa Valley Outing

About this Experience

Attendees left their hotel in Knob Hill for their outing throughout Napa Valley. The first stop on their tour was the Artesa vineyard, where guests tasted various types of wine and toured their property. The next stop was the California Culinary Institute of America, guests arrived to an outdoor kitchen where they teamed up with chefs and created the appetizers for lunch. After sharing their creations, the attendees were guided to the wine cellar where they had lunch surrounded by massive barrels of wine. Following lunch were stops at Rutherford Ranch and Grgich Hills were the attendees learned to create and bottle their own wine and stomp grapes. The tour ended at Domaine Carneros for a tour and dinner with sunset views of Napa Valley before heading back to San Francisco.


Lunch, Tour, and Dinner in Napa Valley

Number of Guests



Napa Valley, CA