Transportation and the Art of Movement | Regal Meetings & Events
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Transportation and the Art of Movement

Your guests just flew in, they’re boarding a bus to gala, or heading back home, transportation is the first and last experience your attendees will have at an event or conference. Making sure that experience is exceptional is key to leaving a lasting impression with your attendees.

What we do and why its so effective.

Transfers come in all shapes and sizes and each one has it’s pros and cons. Coach buses are great for mass movements while a trolley around a city is the perfect movement for a tour. One of the areas we excel in is our understanding for movements. We work with our clients to figure out the most efficient and effective way to move their guests during their program. This is not just limited to selecting the vehicle but includes a collection of other pieces that work together to create a memorable experience.

What we offer.

When you bring us onto your team, we’re bringing years of experience and knowledge with us. Here’s what we bring to the table.

  • Knowledgable Leadership Staff
  • Streamlined Communication between Staff and Vehicles
  • Orchestrating Vehicle Timing and Movements
  • Complete QC of Transfer Manifests with Flight Manifests
  • Custom Arrangements for Your Leadership
  • Attendee Communication Documents such as Departure Notices and Movement Info Signage/Cards
  • Complete Understanding of Local Government Regulations
  • Working with the Local Government to Customize Your Experience
  • Vehicle Selection and Booking
  • Custom Routes
  • Transparent Movement Flow for Your Team
  • Synchronized Team of Purple Shirts